China: Power Sockets & Electricity

Electrical power is officially AC 220 V, 50 Hz.  Officially, plugs are multi-format, British & Australian style.

Most hotels have desks near the Broadband internet connections with either a British or Australian style power outlet.  Most hotels additionally have a 110 volt US rectangular 2 prong outlet in the bathroom.  On rare occasions (particularly in high end western hotels), they additionally have a US plug near the desk.

Most, if not all, power adapters on mobile phones, tablets, laptops and other small portable devices these days are 110/240 — but to double check, read the sticker or impression on your power adapter and ensure this is the case — if it is, (very likely), all you may need is plug converter to switch from US rectangular 2 prong to either a British rectangular 3 prong or Australian slanted 3 prong plug.

Personally, I purchase small lightweight 240v power bar in China (about $3), with universal plugs in a single bar.  (I carry a laptop, iPhone, iPad and portable WiFi router —  all which can be plugged together),

May 19th, 2008|
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